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Plain Fame (The Plain Fame Trilogy)
Plain Fame (The Plain Fame Trilogy)
Plain Fame: The Plain Fame Trilogy - Sarah Price

Book 1 of 3 in the Series 
Amanda Beiler is a young Amish woman traveling back to Pennsylvania from a visit in Ohio. Alejandro Diaz is a famous Cuban singer living the life in the limelight of international media. Their worlds collide on the streets of Manhattan, an accident that brings them together and, despite their efforts, will not let them be apart. What happens when that bridge is crossed between two very conflicting worlds and two extremely different cultures?

An Amish Christian Romance that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Sarah Price, bestselling author of Amish Christian Romances, brings her twenty-five years of experience living among the Amish and from growing up Mennonite to the pages of her novels and novellas, in order to present a truly authentic Amish experience just for her readers. 

By Diana Bupp
Sarah Price once again engages her readers in a tender drama that leaves you wondering if two very different worlds...the Amish and the English can collide and still leave us with beauty.
After Alejandro Diaz a famous Cuban singer, crosses paths with Amanda Beiler an Amish girl in the middle of NYC, the beauty begins. Alejandro's world becomes Amanda's, and Amanda seeks her own path in the light of Alejandro. Fantastic and well written....mostly beautiful.

Source: http://www.amazon.com/Plain-Fame-The-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B009TIHQJW